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Together We Change the World: Building Strong Partnerships for Social Progress

Over the years, MYD Production has established long-term partnerships with various organizations and companies. Our cooperation with social organizations helps us realize our common goals in the field of social responsibility.

We recognize the importance of social responsibility and understand that cooperation with organizations working in the field of charity and social assistance has a significant impact on improving people's lives. In addition, we also highly value cooperation with sports organizations. We recognize the importance of sport for the formation of a healthy lifestyle, spiritual and physical development of people.

MYD Production actively supports projects, helping to inform society and form public opinion.
Our partners include such organizations, foundations and federations as:

  •  Public Foundation «ANA UYI» («Mother’s House»),

  • IQanat Educational Foundation,

  • Charitable Foundation «Dara»,

  • Corporate Fund «Bolashak»,


  • Tennis Federation of Kazakhstan,

  • Corporate Foundation «Courage to be First» («Almaty Marathon», «Turkestan Marathon»),

  • Association of National Sports of Kazakhstan, namely the Baige Federation,

  • Association of Jiu-Jitsu of Kazakhstan,

  • International Society «Kazakh Tili».


The value of our cooperation is not only support, but also mutual improvement. We learn from our partners, share experience and resources, and use joint initiatives to realize our goals. We value and recognize the contribution of each partner, because it is through joint efforts that we can achieve great results.

We believe that partnership is not only mutual benefit, but also an opportunity to create some positive changes around us together. We are ready to continue our cooperation with organizations that share our values and aspirations. Only together can we do more and make the world a better place for everyone.

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