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Symbol of innovation and future of Kazakhstan

Symbol of innovation and future of Kazakhstan

The «Nur Alem» Museum of Future Energy  is not just an architectural object, it is a symbol of the new era of Kazakhstan and its desire for innovation. Located in the heart of the EXPO complex, this unique structure attracts the attention of not only residents of Kazakhstan, but also guests from abroad. Museum has become the most popular and visited object of the international exhibition EXPO 2017 and today is a symbol of the capital and the entire state.

Features and advantages of the «Nur Alem» museum:

  • Unique design: The building is shaped like a perfect sphere with a diameter of 80 meters and a height of 100 meters, making it the most unusual object among all EXPO participants.

  • Environmental friendliness and innovation: The author of the project, German architect Albert Speer Jr., created the sphere as a symbol of a new era without hydrocarbons. The building is completely self-sufficient in energy using solar panels and wind generators.

  • Scale and popularity: Since its opening to this day, museum has attracted more than 1 million visitors, confirming its status as a key attraction in Kazakhstan.

Do you believe in a future without hydrocarbons? Want to be part of this new era? Place your advertisement on Nur Alem and let the world know about your brand!

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