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Exclusive advertising operator with a focus on international airports and strategic railway stations

About the company

MYD Production is your guide to originality.
Your ambitions deserve more than just to be heard—they need to be visible. At MYD Production, we don't just help your brand speak louder; we help him speak more confidently and brightly, soberingly breaking through the advertising noise. Our approach combines experience with innovation, delivering results that not only impress, but also last in the memory.
With MYD, your advertising strategy becomes an investment in the future of your business.
Contact us and let's take this step towards success together.

Why choose us



We are the exclusive advertising operator at major airports and train stations, which provides our clients with direct access to the target audience.


Innovative Approach

Imagine your promotional materials not only being seen, but living with innovation, transforming an ordinary experience into something memorable. This is exactly the kind of modernization that we carry out for you.


Accurate Traffic Data

Planning is the key to efficiency. Your ad space will be optimized using accurate traffic data, ensuring every ad investment gets the best return.


Professional team

Finally, your unique voice deserves a unique representation. Our design and installation laboratory does not simply create advertising, we give you high quality that meets your requirements, which will highlight your brand and strengthen its position in the perception of every traveler.

Our services

Traditional advertising

 Standard and effective advertising solutions, including billboards and other static formats, placed at strategic locations at airports and train stations in Kazakhstan and beyond.


Co-creation of a concept

 Customized advertising solutions designed to meet your brand's unique needs. We engage in creative dialogue with the client to come up with a concept that has never existed before.


Digital advertising

Modern technological solutions for advertising, including LED screens, vertical monitors and other digital formats that provide maximum attention to your brand.


Visual branding

A comprehensive visual solution that combines appliqué, channel lettering, branding and rack placement to create a recognizable and memorable brand space

Advertising spaces

Our portfolio is your pass to premium locations of leading airports and railway stations not only in Kazakhstan, but also far beyond its borders. We don’t just give space, we open doors for you to places with the highest flow of your potential clients.




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