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Incredible opportunities in the heart of Astana

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to place video advertising on the facade of the building of JSC NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy". A skyscraper with the largest video screen in Kazakhstan ensures that your advertising will be visible from anywhere in the capital, reinforcing your advertising messages.

JSC NC KTZ is proud of its modern skyscraper, which is not only an architectural landmark of Astana, but also the owner of the largest video screen in Kazakhstan with an area of 6,765 m². This majestic object, 123 m high and 55 m wide, has become a symbol of innovation and advanced technology.

The uniqueness of this facility lies in its large-scale LED screen located at a height of 27 floors - from the 9th to the 36th floor. The total screen area is 6 thousand sq.m. With its help, every frame comes to life thanks to 7 thousand LED lines, including 45 thousand dots.

The main advantages of the LED screen on the building of JSC NC KTZ:

  • Unmatched effectiveness: Dynamic advertising outperforms static outdoor media such as billboards and lightboxes by 91%.

  • Vivid Stills and Animation: Digital advertising keeps the audience's attention by changing content frequently.

  • Visibility from any point: thanks to the gigantic screen size, your advertising will be visible from any part of the city.


Don't miss the chance to highlight your brand and attract maximum attention to your product or service. Contact us and find out more about advertising opportunities at this unique property!"

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