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Exclusive advertising operator with a focus on international airports and strategic railway stations

MYD Production is your ally in innovation

MYD Production is your beacon in the world of advertising opportunities, where innovation and sophistication are at the core of each of our projects. Ranging from time-tested classic methods to the latest digital innovations, our advertising services are designed to highlight the uniqueness of your brand. Whether your brand needs a finely tuned creative message or deep brand integration into a space for deep audience engagement, our team delivers unparalleled craftsmanship and high impact. Armed with knowledge of key platforms and the latest technologies, we are ready to put your brand at the forefront, ensuring that it is noticed and remembered.
MYD Production, since its founding, has been constantly introducing innovations and modern technologies, thereby modernizing the image of strategically important objects. One of the striking examples of their creative approach is the use of “light-picture” technology on the station square and at Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport in 2015. Taking into account global trends, the company declared 2024 the year of digitalization, continuing its development in the direction of innovation.

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At MYD Production we understand that every brand is unique and are committed to providing solutions tailored to your individual needs. We'll work with you to develop a creative concept that reflects your vision and helps differentiate your brand from your competitors. Our experts are ready to take a deep dive into your business to create an advertising solution that really works. With us, your advertising message will reach your target audience as effectively as possible.
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