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Exclusive advertising operator with a focus on international airports and strategic railway stations

Exclusive opportunities for your advertising

By collaborating with MYD Production, you open up a world of exclusive opportunities for your business to communicate with your audience. Our portfolio is your pass to premium locations of leading airports and railway stations not only in Kazakhstan, but also far beyond its borders. We don’t just give space, we open doors for you to places with the highest flow of your potential clients.

With MYD Production, your advertisement becomes not just a message, but an iconic event for every traveler who sees it. We invite you to take advantage of the unique opportunities we offer and take your brand to unattainable heights.

Today, MYD Production is a unique company in Central Asia (and possibly throughout the CIS countries), which has invaluable experience in working with key infrastructure facilities and a deep understanding of the specifics of cooperation with regulatory services at airports.

MYD Production actively promotes the development of a culture of innovation, becoming a place where ideas take real shape. The company continually strives to introduce innovative solutions that improve the quality of our products, the efficiency of our processes and the level of service to our customers.


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