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Exclusive advertising operator with a focus on international airports and strategic railway stations

A partnership that transforms advertising horizons

Our partners are not only support for our business, but also key players in achieving mutual success. As the exclusive advertising operator for airports and railway stations, we offer unique advantages to our partners:

  • Exclusive Advertising Spaces: Your brands will be exposed on the most prominent and attractive advertising platforms in strategic locations.

  • Innovative Technologies: We use advanced technologies in advertising, which guarantees maximum attention to your brand.

  • Personalized Campaigns: Our specialists will help you develop and implement advertising campaigns that best suit your goals and target audience.

  • Analytics and Reporting: You will receive detailed analytics and reports on the results of your advertising campaigns to optimize strategies and improve performance.

  • Increase Brand Awareness: Your brand will become more visible and recognizable among a wide audience thanks to our innovative advertising solutions.

  • Strong Partnership: Our partnership is not limited to one advertising campaign; We strive for long-term and mutually beneficial relationships that promote the growth and development of both parties.

MYD Production works within the framework of the implementation of international standards, innovations and agreements on joint activities with objects. The company is constantly looking for opportunities to improve its own activities, actively implementing the best global practices, thereby raising the advertising services market to a qualitatively new level.

Today, thanks to the successful activities of the company, the advertising market has undergone good changes in terms of placement at strategic sites. This is evidenced by a positive change in the visual image on the premises, as well as a high pool of potential and existing advertising partners
International clients

Among the international clients who were accommodated at our facilities for the first time, there are world brands such as: Cartier, Hermes, Hublot. The company carried out branding of the CIP hall from MasterCard, branding of luggage packaging from VISA.

Our Global Activities
As a leader in its field, MYD Production not only strengthened its position in the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also successfully entered the international market. This became possible thanks to a competent strategy and its implementation, which allowed us to earn trust and respect outside the country.

Innovation and Unique Projects
Project "Talking Airports"
Our innovative ideas are not limited to just business. The "Talking Airports" project, presenting the culture and beauty of Kazakhstan through exclusive landscapes at airports, opens a unique picture of our country to foreign guests and contributes to the development of domestic tourism.

MYD Production is proud of its achievements and strives to further develop and strengthen partnerships, both within the country and abroad. Cooperation with us is an investment in the future of your business and the country as a whole.
Partnerships that are transforming the advertising world

Social responsibility
At MYD Production, we are aware of our responsibility to society and strive to maintain sustainable development. 

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